Friday, July 15, 2011

Tablet-Amazon: A rival for the iPad?

For months there is speculation about an Amazon-Tablet. CEO Jeff Bezos himself made appropriate remarks. Now compress the information. According to the iPad rival just come onto the market in October - this is to be expected in about the time at which also the iPad third The unit has a nine large screen (22.8 inches) and run with Google's quotes, the newspaper inaugurated persons.

Unlike the Apple iPad than two but it will lack a camera. Amazon does not even designed and Tablet PC, let the production (like Apple) Asian manufacturers. Besides the price is also unclear, such as distribution and marketing are to run the device. The site reports that Amazon had ordered one to 1.2 million units.

That's more than any other tablet manufacturers, except for Apple: Steve Jobs' company tops the number by more than tenfold. The world's largest online retailer Amazon has with its huge customer community an enormous impact. Already in the booming business of online music and video occurs at Amazon against Apple.

However, Apple has been designed using the latest available figures, more than 25 million sold iPad - an unattainable lead? Important: While the iPad is already in the second (and even third autumn) of improved circulation in the market, Amazon is the tablet as a first attempt dar. is particularly important for the Amazon profitable and growing market of content: The online Department store sells e-books, music and movies similar to the per download.

What Amazon is missing so far is the sale of its own hardware to use the downloaded content. One expert suspects in the "Wall Stret Journal" that Amazon's Tablet PC can even sell at a loss to speculate on higher download revenue.

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