Thursday, July 7, 2011

Windows 8 Beta at CES 2012?

Steve Ballmer is going to kick off CES with a press conference should be accompanied by the publication of a public beta, as Microsoft did with Windows 7. The appearance of the leader was confirmed by the PD G Gary Shapiro of CEA which organizes the show. Information on the beta are reported by WinRumors.

Microsoft is accustomed to lead the first conference of CES and present its flagship products. The firm has used this platform to introduce Kinect and the first public beta of Windows 7. He also showed 8 of Windows for the first ARM processor in the last opening ceremony in January.

The idea of a beta of Windows 8 is very plausible. There is no doubt that this will be one of the main topics of the conference to Mr. Ballmer. According to the information you reported on Tuesday last, Windows 8 CTP would be close. It is possible that Microsoft so a beta in the BUILD Conference to be held in September and a second version arrives at CES.

Microsoft has a history of three beta out before the RC (Release Candidate). Some rumors claimed that the publisher would not leave one. It will have to wait a little until we know more formally. 8 is the next Windows operating system from Microsoft.

This is the first consumer version of Windows to run on the ARM and x86. 8 is a Windows PC, some features, such as the app store are from the world of mobile systems. This also and especially Microsoft's answer to the new wave of tablet. Windows 8 will bring together a PC system and a system for tablets in a build.

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