Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mass Effect movie: aspace saga

The basic framework of the "Mass Effect" series offers exciting science-fiction action and a story that could have come from Hollywood writers: An alien invasion, conniving politicians, secret intrigues, and of course a hero who is to prevent the destruction of all life. No wonder that as early as 2010 a Hollywood film version of the BioWare role-playing game was.

Now takes the form of project: According to the makers announce at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego (21 to 24 July) details of the planned video game adaptation. On a forum to express themselves there, the producer of "Mass Effect" saga Casey Hudson and screenwriter Mark Protosevich the planned cinema strip.

The production of the film takes over the studio Legendary Pictures, which produced such blockbusters as already well-known "Inception," "Hangover" and "The Dark Knight." Who acts like Commander Shepard, or take on the director's chair is not yet known.

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