Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arctic Cooling MX-4 now available.

The new thermal compound Arctic Cooling MX-4 is available now, consists of micro-particles of carbon, resulting in a high thermal conductivity, thus providing for quick and efficient dissipation of heat. The Arctic Cooling MX-4 has been designed to be applied to all types of market sinks improving heat dissipation in both heatsinks for processors such as GPUs or chipsets.

Does not contain metal components, is not electrically conductive and prevents the risk of short circuits in the event of poor application and / or splashing in a circuit. The paste is very easy to apply thanks to its layout shaped syringe. Thus, users will have greater precision. The new MX-4 is commercially available in two versions: a 4 grams and the other, 20gr, for greater convenience, and of course, with the best value for money.


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