Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Techno-engineering] Steve Jobs and God have something in common according to researchers

Apple is a religion, Steve Jobs is a god. Researchers have developed a passion for the brand in an MRI, then they showed them images of the products they cherished. Scientists have discovered that their brain activity was identical to that of ultra-religious subjects viewing pictures with a spiritual.

The study was popularized by a report aired on the BBC where one can see the Bishop of Buckingham read the Bible on its iPad while comparing the Apple Store to the churches and the stands of apple products at the altar . The man touches the cerebral hyperactivity. Given the enormity of this news, we want first to say that this study is real, as the BBC report.

However, just pause a moment on these findings to realize they are obvious. Nobody will be shocked to learn that fangirls and fanboys of Apple followers are degenerate who preach intelligent design of the Mac OS. These dedicated exorcise the demons who think Bill Gates waving their tablet shaped by the finger of S ....

while shaking their prayer to become blind, could give lessons to the Taliban fanaticism. Each year thousands of pilgrims flock to the Apple Store to buy phones without antennas, broken shelves and faulty computers. Like the martyrs who flagellate themselves and crucify every Passover on the roads of the Philippines, victims of brainwashing designed in Cupertino are ready to drink cyanide large mouthful of their guru who is called Jobs.

Oh the irony of that name which means "work" in English for this leader cult which multiplies the "sick leave" to bask under the California sun while his disciples sweat blood and water 16 hours a day at the point suicide expecting to be greeted by their god and 72 Mac Genius. As vegetative least of you will understand, the news [Techno-engineering] is a satirical take on second or third degree.

We want to prove that the author of this news had fun writing it on a MacBook Air 11 "connected to an Airport Extreme. It was typed on a keyboard Apple wireless using the Magic Magic Mouse and Trackpad her, while her daughter was watching a cartoon on his iPhone and his wife listened to music transmitted to an Airport Express.

Say it serious doctor?

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