Saturday, March 19, 2011

Preview: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the blocks

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow is not of royal soldiers still stop by the undead. His three Disney films bestowed billion-dollar revenue and actor Johnny Depp definitely made an international star. Just in time for the fourth film, he is being honored with their own Lego game whose action extends over all four pirate movies.

The game starts with the known from the first film scene in the smithy of Port Royal, where Jack and Will Turner pull together effort. They must work together to repair a mechanism to escape from the building. After his arrest, free Jacks Will out of jail by a dog with a bone to bring to excavate the cell key.

In their flight over the beach, the two fight against British soldiers. After two very simple game scenes, the game the first time something for the discerning eye cinema. The sunny beach and the port are very nice, though not made of Lego bricks.

How to get a pirate ship out on the ocean floor. Jack and Will stülpen the drums on his head and just march through the water. The underwater tour is to look not only funny, but also one of the playful innovations in the Lego franchise. The developers revise and improve the climbing behavior of small Lego-hero.

You now control a much better over narrow planks and masonry crowns. Puzzle fans are not too short: each of the 70 characters has something special on the box. Jack finds some good with a compass hidden treasures and Will throws the ax expertly with, for example, trigger switch. Elizabeth Swann is especially high jumps, thus reaching even remote levels.

Up to eight characters, between which the player can change at any time, one of Jack's pirate crew. Numerous tips to help the players to use in place the right capabilities. Lego and Pirates are a perfect team and provide some very attractive scenarios. The playful mix of combat, climbing and puzzle solving is not quite balanced.

Just a little detail work, then it will come with the big raids.

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