Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preview: adventure game for PS3 and Xbox 360: LA Noire: The pixel Cause

After the Second World War soldier Cole Phelps enters the service of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) in order to let the horrors of battle behind him, and finally to do something good. Quickly drops to his superiors that the ambitious young man brings initiative and intuition, and obviously more draufhat to write a ticket.

Soon Cole pushes more patrols, but makes Detective hunting large fish. They take in the adventure game "LA Noire" the role of Heat and dive this deep into the dark soul of the city, marked by murder and manslaughter. To see in advance how exciting life as a tough cop in the city of angels, the editors took the gamepad on hand and dipped into a classic detective novel of the '40s.

Whether the offender is taken, of course remains a secret ... "It was a sunny morning when my partner and I to the Chief Rusty in his favorite diner met, in which he used to eat breakfast. He told us our next case with a face as if he had bitten into a lemon. After brief look I knew why.

A young woman had been murdered. And that pretty much the same way that it perfectly fits the pattern of a serial killer, which the LAPD was hunting for months. The Chief I looked at what I thought, and barked at me: 'Forget the very fast, Phelps, we are dealing here with a murder that has nothing to do with anything else until I personally give you something else say.

Have we got? " He knew my views on the series of murders, but they would not listen. Rusty and I were on mute, and made our way to the scene. There are sights, you get used to not change. The victim was one of them. Bloody letters had been carved into her stomach - Kiss the Blood 'was standing there in red letters.

Even otherwise, the killer was not handled with kid gloves it. She was of wounds. I saw the body closer and found something in her hand: a part of a library card. Her name was Antonia Maldonado, Hispanic origin. When Rusty called me over, I immediately had a bad feeling - and I am not mistaken: the guy with the blood of the victim had a trail for us, which led to the roof of a neighboring house.

What sick deception was at work here? We found the registration office Antonia's last address - our next destination in this case ... "Admittedly, a little imagination, one needs already to feel the game like a detective novel. But it is also clear: "LA Noire is a homage to the classic cops and sniffer dog of the 40s and 50s from the book and movie.

And as once Bogart & Co. They also feel if you dive right into the atmosphere of this game. In addition to the everyday work, such as crime scene investigation and witness interviews, you have to do it again and again with violence: beatings, shootings, car chases on foot or by car. Showpiece of the game is clearly the quality of the faces are to be read from which to see if someone is telling the truth or not.

What the engineers do here, to create vivid characters, is so far unprecedented in the gaming industry. And so it falls to you - with practice - not difficult to unmask the telltale twitch or artificial smile, or to trust the solid look of an honest witness. Whatever you have a feeling you give it with the correct answer phrase that you select with a click from the given four options.

If there are still problems: Clever investigators earn solved cases with intuition points they use to avoid false responses to questioning of a witness - were the "LA Noire" version of the Joker 50:50. To help beginners puzzle a nice idea, but is rarely used. These are listed as sound knowledge of English.

Because the game offers only an English language edition with German subtitles. But the performers U.S. slang of the 40-year perfect copy. To thereby ensure top quality, the developers made in Hollywood, both voice and motion capture recordings. Many actors from the dream factory to work with the project.

Shall recognize hard-working U.S. series-gazers the faces of "LA Noire" again - such as the Fringe star John Noble or Aaron Stanton of "Mad Men." The latter assumes the role of Cole in the game Phelps. No question, the developers of Team Bondi are working on a great debut. The fact that the game is created under the umbrella of the manufacturer Rockstar Games could hurt the title, however.

Not because of quality problems were expected, but because "LA Noire is not a typical rock star title. Despite some action elements of the trip into the dark heart of the crime is mainly an adventure game - and thus not very high on the hit list of a "GTA" fans. The game itself can be the blame, of course not: atmosphere, story - in addition to individual cases will there be a big story - and style are all top notch.

If you like playing detective, will not come to this case probably.

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