Thursday, March 17, 2011

The characteristics of AMD Llano

Our colleagues from Xbit Labs continue to distill information about future AMD processors in dribs and drabs. Their latest leak concerning Llano Fusion processors, which will constitute the core of the AMD in the coming months. The data table below is particularly comprehensive. AMD will launch a total of 11 Llano.

The launch would take place around July 20 with only 5 models (4 and 1 quad core dual core), a dual core would follow in the third quarter, then the range will grow in the fourth quarter. All these processors have an integrated GPU, more or less powerful. AMD architecture decline in Northern Islands 32 nm and integrate with the Radeon HD 6550/6530/6410/6370 Llano somewhat different from what we know today.

The performance of these integrated GPU should be much higher than those of the GPU integrated into Intel chips, and suffice for many gamers. The strength of Llano is their low power consumption: only 100W maximum for all GPU + CPU, and even 65 W versions are more reasonable. It remains to see the performance of the CPU part (AMD puts face Llano Core i3) and how AMD will leverage the presence of the GPU (video encoding application, support multi-GPU, etc..).

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