Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Neufbox supports also AirPlay

Yesterday, we indicate that the Freebox was now compatible AirPlay, the wireless technology from Apple. But this is not the only one of FAIBox: the Neufbox is also compatible. SFR had the good sense to provide the code for the GPL Neufbox V4 but also - and this is an advantage - the ability to change the firmware of the case.

And a port of ShairPort (obviously that was also used Free) exists for the Neufbox V4. In addition to the firmware compatible, it is also a USB sound card (the Neufbox has no audio capability), a device that costs less than $ 5 on eBay. Note that - a priori as in Free - the technology uses a private key from an AirPort Express and it is therefore possible that Apple is blocking devices that use ShairPort in the future.

Especially when we know that - let us remember - Apple sells a license AirPlay has many builders and it is proposed (informally) to the price of gold, rumored $ 40.

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