Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Google expands his social network: Game developers are ready for Google +

The appearance of games for the blog according to Google + moves ever closer. Accordingly, Google is indeed associated with many game developers, you have but nothing about the reported involvement of the Games on Google +. Without information about the way the user integration, it is the game developers even impossible to tune their games on Google +.

It is likely that games for a structure similar to Google + Facebook games have. Is that really the case, would be to customize the Google network for developers not a big challenge. This would facilitate the development of Google + and have many ports of Facebook games to follow. It expects to release the necessary platform for the games app in a few weeks.

Facebook requires developers a transaction fee of 30 percent. Google is rumored to be satisfied with only 20 percent. Analysts expect even less clear, because Google, unlike Facebook is hardly dependent on this income. The lower fees and the potential of Google + for the game developers are certainly very interesting.

It remains to be seen whether Google + continue as positively as developed so far. The ten-million-user mark + Google reached after 16 days. By comparison, Facebook has used for 852 days.

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