Monday, August 22, 2011

Asus Mars II has arrived

Asus already has a new graphics card available for exclusive and limited edition, is the Asus Mars II has two cores used in GeForceGTX GF110 580 and a design that leaves no one indifferent. The Asus Mars II excels in all, this is a very exclusive graphics card.

The size of the Mars II is quite substantial it occupies three slots due to its large heat sink that comes with two 12cm fans to cool all the heat produced in its interior, which is not little. Monta two GF 100 to 782MHz core used in the GTX 580 3GB memory in addition to 4GHz GDDR5 also features DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

If we talk about performance, Asus Mars II is not exactly welcoming good reviews, co-VR-Zone have already been analyzed and they themselves say it is better to buy an SLI GTX 590 or HD6990 CrossFireX as it provides much more performance for a much lower amount of money.

In its evidence, the Mars II only wins in 3 of 9 times compared to GTX 580 SLI Platinum Matrix, a configuration that costs much less. There is no doubt that the Asus Mars II is a graphics card with a quality and finishes that are unusual, but the price is quite prohibitive.

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