Monday, August 22, 2011

AMD formalizes three new APU Brazos

AMD has - finally - to formalize three new models of APU: the E-450, E-300 and C-60. Etched in 40 nm, the APU are so cool some of the Brazos platform manufacturer. The E-450 is a model involving two Zacate Bobcat x86 cores clocked at 1.65 GHz (1.6 GHz cons for x86 cores of the E-350), a memory controller supports DDR3-1333 and Radeon graphics chipset HD 6320 with 80 Stream processors running at 508 MHz (but with a Turbo mode pushing up the frequency to 600 MHz).

For its part, the E-300 carries two cores running at 1.3 GHz and a Radeon HD 6310 operating at 488 MHz. Both APU show a TDP of 18 watts. Finally, the C-60 includes two x86 cores clocked at 1 GHz, but can operate at 1.33 GHz with Turbo mode. The Radeon HD 6290 integrated turn on his side to 276 MHz (400 MHz Turbo mode) and the TDP is 9 watts.

The E-450, E-300 and C-60 are already delivered to OEM partners, AMD.

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