Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Windows Mobile 7: Update for new mango-based Smartphones

Terry Myerson, vice president of Windows Mobile Engineering, gave the news to know: The software developers have for the "Windows Mobile 7" on 26 July release for production. The update thus has the status "RTM," short for elease o anufacturing (release to manufacturing). Microsoft is now the software code to the appropriate manufacturer of smartphones.

This mango then optimize for their devices and network configurations. The Windows-phone-team also prepares the update process for the devices already exist before. They should then also benefit by updating new features. In May, Microsoft announced the first details are known about the update.

Mango will therefore miss the Windows phones several new features: the "threads" function can use the conversation with a contact from different channels (eg SMS, MMS, instant messaging and Facebook). Mango makes it continues, several (including those of external vendors) to be used simultaneously by multitasking.

The new Internet Explorer (version 9) will support HTML5.

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