Monday, July 25, 2011

Shadows of the Damned: 999 white diamonds dust

In the library in Act 4-3 there is an unseen ninja that throws off to infinity in a particular situation a lot of white diamonds. You hit the opponent after you have run across the bridge, you have been using the built bookshelves. First you kill the two enemies crawling. Then appeared on the Ninja. They lure him - as seen in - in the corner of the library.

Grab him with the light beam on to stun him. Sprint now for the dazed opponent and press the button repeatedly - until you have received the maximum amount of white diamonds. The 999-precious stones can be exchanged with Christopher. Depending on the difficulty, contact the dealer up to 22 red diamonds.

The trick works with the unpatched Xbox 360 version of "Shadows of the Damned". Whether developer Grasshopper Manufacture fix the issue with an update, is unclear (as of 25 July 2011).

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