Monday, July 25, 2011

AMD Reports Second Quarter 2011

At the end of last week, AMD announced the results for the second quarter of 2011 during which sales totaled $ 1.57 billion, net revenue amounted to $ 61 million, or $ 0.08 per share and the result operating income of $ 105 million. "In the first half of 2011, AMD Brought to market The Most Competitive client offerings in our history, Reinforcing our position as a design and innovation powerhouse," said Thomas Seifert, CFO and interim CEO AMD.

"Today's computing experience is increasingly being wellness defined by the ability to deliver brilliant video and multimedia content with all day battery life. Fusion APUS are ideal to meet this need, positioning units AMD to gain market share in the mobile computing space. "These are the main discussion points of the quarter: The overall margin was equal to 46 percent.

The turnover is less than that of the prior quarter and same quarter last year but the period covered is 13 work weeks instead of 14 (as in the first quarter). In addition, AMD says that the strong revenues from the mobile sector are reduced by lower results in the areas of desktop and server.

The net proceeds of $ 61 million should be compared to a net loss of 43 million for the same period last year and 510 million in the first quarter of 2011 (though these should be adjusted for non-operating revenue). Operating income was $ 142 million and should be compared to 100 million in Q1 2011 and to 128 million in Q2 2010.

The average price of microprocessors continues to decrease year after annoIl manufacturer has launched an APU A-Series notebook and desktop systems that integrate a graphics core, very powerful. These have already been adopted in more than 150 systems to be very important assemblers including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba.

AMD has also entered into the world of tablet with the Acer and MSI HD 2011-based Tablet Platform AMD platform with AMD's APU SeriesNel Z-segment of the 3D graphics, AMD recorded a 11 percent drop in profits compared to the previous quarter and 17 percent over the same period of 2010. In particular, the highest decrease is registered with discrete chips due to seasonality in mobile and desktop systems.

The trend in the average price of the GPU stays flat for the next quarter, AMD expects revenue growth of 10 percent with a possible variation of 2 percent.

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