Friday, July 29, 2011

The SAS will go to 12 gigabits/s

LSI has announced that tests on SAS controllers to 12 gigabits/s (1200 Mb/s) were inconclusive. The professional standard should (re) take the ascendancy over the SATA, pending a fourth version of the standard public. Remember that the SAS is for professional and SATA as SATA is an evolution "series" of SATA, the SAS is an evolution of SCSI (Serial Attached SCSI SAS means).

As with SCSI, which reached 320 Mb/s when the PATA struggled to reach 133 MB/s, the SAS was generally faster than SATA: 6 gigabits/s is the norm for a while and 12 gigabits/s happening. Unlike the SATA channel that is usually dedicated to a device, it is quite common SAS share a link between devices.

In fact, the move to 12 gigabits / her a meaning: capable of locating multiple fast hard drives on a single output. Compatibility with standard SAS 3 gigabits/s and 6 gigabits/s is obviously the party and - in principle - the compatibility of SATA connectors via adapters. The first commercially controllers are expected in 2013, at a time when the PCI-Express 3.0 will be deployed.

And that's good news: with 1 GB/s per link, this standard will be perfect for adapters with 8 SAS connectors.

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