Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ROCCAT Kulo, new headphones with Virtual 7.1 sound card

The German manufacturer headset Roccat Gaming Introduces New USB Virtual 7.1 Kulo, the second version of its predecessors, Kulo Stereo, and presents as a novelty the inclusion of a USB 7.1 sound card. These new ultralight Kulo have a coupling to the ears ultralight, according to the microphone automatically mute (only raising the micro), and provides a vibrant sound with independently adjustable levels when used in conjunction with the USB 7.1 sound card included so you can listen to how they approach the enemies behind you.

The USB 7.1 sound card included has a really small size, ideal for use even in netbooks or laptops that have mediocre sound quality. In addition, when connecting a speaker system in parallel to it will not have to walk connecting and disconnecting any cable, everything works together. Also the headphones continue to provide premium quality sound no matter what kind of computer are connected.

New USB Virtual 7.1 Kulo Roccat are already available at a suggested retail price of € 79.99. In short, you will find detailed analysis Kulo Roccat Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset here at HardZone.

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