Saturday, August 13, 2011

Earth Defense Force - Insect Armageddon

The heart beats rapidly, the pupils twitch frantically across the screen. All that is heard in addition to the explosions nor is the incessant clicking of the button on the fire - the stop frequency of a secretary is a joke about it. Cavort around you hundreds of mutated giant insects that attack from all sides.

Ants, spiders, wasps, this huge space ships and robots are your goal, because you and your troops are the last hope of humanity: Welcome to the Earth Defense Force (EDF)! Before you get to third - if you do not have online buddies on hand, the computer plays the other characters - throw into the battle, you choose one of four classes.

Each class has a unique ability that is decisive in the incredible mass slaughter. The exhibition includes some of the "Trooper" by faster than his colleagues and is extremely flexible. This may be the "battle" with no claim to be - he relies on his thick arms, with extremely powerful weapons and an energy shield.

Each class will only get stronger if you use the character well. But since "EDF" is created on multiple passes anyway, you just hold on for the start of a class. Thus equipped, you will experience an extremely low profile, but incredibly entertaining action game in which only one thing: You shoot until nothing works.

You not only have many weapons, but also on infinite ammo. That's good, because what this game so herumkreucht and crawling, triggers if Arachnophobikern real neuroses: While you back same time, 50 ants and tarantulas in truck size to the Pelle, fire from heaven, spaceships, and a giant robot mantis tears inside times the heat of battle just three houses rows.

Thus, a brutal action you can experience truly rare. As also disrupt the old-fashioned look and dull gameplay no piece. To compensate, there is a continuous adrenaline as if you begin to bungee jump. Great fun for a low price - it could be a leaf out of other action games. Although the shoot-brainless, but extremely motivated.

Until you use all the weapons and thus tackle the hardest difficulty "Inferno," you have to do a long time. This ode to the good, old-time video game no gamer should be possible to escape with nervous fingers.

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