Monday, August 29, 2011

Business Tablet PC: MSI WindPad with Windows 7

The WindPad is through the Microsoft operating system as an additional mobile device in a Windows environment. Applications you use on your desktop PC at work, are also installed on the Tablet PC. For mobile use, so you can work on the documents WindPad transfer and edit from there. The hardware for the Tablet PC comes from AMD.

On the platform in an energy-saving "Brazos" architecture are the dual-core processor "Z-01" with a clock speed of one gigahertz and DDR3 memory with a capacity of 1048 is used. As the graphics unit has WindPad developed specifically for mobile devices, "Radeon HD 6250" chip. He does not have its own and is therefore connected to the main memory.

This ensures on the one hand a low power consumption, on the other hand, the chip is more performance: Normal office programs and even high-resolution videos are for the processor but not a problem. For complex images or customize the current games, but the chip must. The use of Tablet PCs either via the touch screen or the "Smart Tracker" on one side of the screen.

This mouse pad is similar in miniature of a track-point, which is used in some notebooks. With pressure on the point you control the mouse pointer over the surface of the screen. The alternative offers the advantage that you can hold the device while working with both hands. Thus, the 850 grams of the device evenly on both wrists.

It reveals a weakness: Windows 7 is only partially designed for touchscreen use. Connections to external devices are possible via an HDMI and a jack. Through the integrated card reader, the internal 32-gigabyte SSD storage with SD and SDHC cards is expandable. Bluetooth is on and the Tablet PC, and wireless connections to networks and other devices.

As an option a UMTS-enabled model is available. The Tablet PC with "Windows 7 Home Premium" is available as now with prices starting at 529 €. In September 2011 following the execution of UMTS,  with the "Windows 7 Professional". The right to the device should be available in October 2011.

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