Saturday, July 16, 2011

HIS Unveils New Radeon HD 6970 IceQ Mix

In May, announced HIS HIS 6970 IceQ expected and the standard Turbo IceQ, which at the time received very good reviews. HIS always seeks to make good products even better products, and therefore is pleased to now HIS Radeon 6970 IceQ Mix. This chart is designed to utilize the features Eyefinity a more flexible way for users who want to use GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA and use Eyefinity via HDMI.

What's more, HIS adds a coupon for free download the game Dirt 3 and includes 4 cables: Displayporrt DisplayPort, HDMI to DVI, HDMI and an adapter to VGA, enabling the user to use these graphs with Eyefinity 5 one way easier and simpler. In the past, you needed to do Crossfire with AMD graphics of the same model that you already have.

But with the HIS IceQ 6970 Mix you can use AMD and NVIDIA graphics in the same system combined with total guarantee. In addition, most of the graphics need an adapter to use DisplayPort DisplayPort output to use native Eyefinity, which is not only inconvenient but costly. HIS IceQ 6970 With Mix Eyefinity can easily configure any of its video outputs, one of five.

Benefits and key features of the HIS HD 6970 IceQ Mix: - Mix Eyefinity: Eyefinity is enabled via HDMI without using any expensive DisplayPort adapter. Eyefinity work even using the HDMI to DVI adapter included. - Mix GPU: You can combine this graphics card with NVIDIA to benefit from the advantages of both.

- IceQ Techology: Fresh air is absorbed from both sides of the fan, which increases the efficiency of dissipation, pushing the air out of the box directly. - 23 ยบ C cooler: the HIS IceQ 6970 Series operates at 23 ° C lower than the reference model. - Quieter: HIS 6970 IceQ the Series is significantly quieter than the reference model.

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