Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lite-On recorder presents its Blu-ray combo iHES212m 12X

Lite-On already has its new Blu-Ray recorder combo called iHES212m, lighscribe technology and has a size of only 17 centimeters. The new iHES212m features a unique air flow system and short length is ideal for any small PC. Capable of playing Blu-ray high-definition playback at 12x, and ultra-quiet operation.

Users can take advantage of its advanced recording function DVD / CD, which includes the SMART technology Lite-On to a totally reliable disc burning and reliably at all times. Records all DVD and CD formats common: 16X DVD ± R, DVD ± R DL at 8X, DVD + RW at 8X, DVD-RW 6X, CD-R at 48X and 24X CD-RW.

This unit uses LightScribe technology for burning labels grayscale in any LightScribe-enabled drive. With its small size, only 17cm in length, has been especially created to easily install cabinets and small bays. Its unique airflow design not only makes it a silent device, and reduces vibrations but it also ensures that refrigerated unit remains in tight spaces.

The iHES212 will be available this May with an MSRP of 79.90, - €. Also available will be a bulk version, called iHES112 without LightScribe.

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